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Flemish Giant buck (Black) Sundown - 2 Legs

BOV - 3/9/08 Badger RBA; 1st - FVRC 6/10/07; BOS - FVRC 6/10/07; BOV - FVRC 6/10/07; BOS 6/17/07; 1st - SCFS 6/23/07; BOS 6/17/07

Carmel Apple

Flemish Giant Doe (Sandy) Carmel Apple -BOS FDLFS 5/12/07;

BOB SCFS 6/23/07; BOS SCF 8/30/07


Flemish Giant Buck (Sandy) SIMBA -BOB SCF 8/30/07

Misty Willow's Sunset

French Angora Buck (Fawn) Misty Willow's Sunset - BOS 6/23/07 SCFS

Country Valley Dakota

Blue Havana Buck - 1st FDL-5/5/07, 1st FVRC-6/10/07, BOSV-FVRC 6/10/07, 2nd-SCFS 6/23/07

KDR's Henery

Black Havana Junior Buck - BOS 6/23/07 - SCFS

Abby - Buckskin Mare

Cody Sugar Cash Alamitos - Paint Gelding

Cop Cars Siren - 1/2 Arabian Pinto Mare

Fury - Arappaloosa Mare

Guido - Miniature Gelding

Lil Red Duece Coupe - Appaloosa Mare

Mandarah's Scarlet - Morab Mare